Sundays at Flavours Restaurant: Caribbean Buffet Food Review

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Sundays are for family, faith, fun and good food! Last Sunday, Shelly, Nash, Xavi and I decided to forgo cooking and treat ourselves to lunch at Flavours Restaurant . Flavours is located on the grounds of La Vue Boutique Inn. We were excited to try the Caribbean Buffet, a newly launched weekly deal by Flavours Restaurant offered on Sundays only, from 1 – 6pm. Live music is available from 3pm.

I will admit, we were a bit skeptical about the use of the term ‘buffet’. We decided to call ahead to ensure that it was truly an ‘all you can eat affair’ with no limits and that persons like Nash, who don’t eat meat, were not at a disadvantage. We were assured on the phone that it was and he wouldn’t be.

To ensure we beat the crowd, we headed to Flavours Restaurant at around 1:45pm. As hoped, only a few patrons were there when we arrived. It was a pretty chilled and relaxed atmosphere. We seated ourselves and then headed straight for the food, of course!

On offer that day was a variety of meats and seafood including stewed oxtail, mushroom chicken, grilled mahi mahi and grilled lobster chunks. Sides included rice and peas, mixed green salad, steamed veggies and scalloped potato.

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Overall, the food itself was quite delicious. I sampled everything except the chicken. However, I did try the mushroom sauce with my rice and peas and it proved to be super tasty. The oxtail was my favourite, as it was soft, well seasoned and cooked to perfection. The fish was soft and succulent and the grilled lobster was scrumptious as well (although the portions were quite small). It wouldn’t be a Caribbean lunch without island favourites, scalloped potato or macaroni pie. That week, Flavours opted for scalloped potato, which is a dish many get wrong, but Flavours Restaurant got very right! Kudos to the chef! Price wise, the buffet was very affordable for just 30us per person.


When we arrived, we were unsure of the seating arrangement and it took us a few minutes to find a suitable table for four. We were not assisted with seating by any staff members or informed of the menu or how the buffet worked. Ultimately we seated ourselves and then just headed for food on our own. The first thing I noticed was that the buffet was not self-serve but rather staff served the customers.

This in itself was not an issue, however it became clear very quickly that there seemed to be pre-determined serving portions/limits for items particularly the meats and the seafood. E.g. Two pieces of oxtail, one chunk of lobster meat per customer. I found this quite unusual for a buffet, as most allow customers to truly ‘eat as much as you like’. Portion control is very rare for buffets. It was also quite disappointing as it was a fear we had prior to arriving and had been assured on the phone earlier that this would not be the case.

Ruffled Top, Denim Shorts, Caribbean Blogger, Flavours Restaurant, The Business of Chic

I will admit, if you ate everything on offer, your portion size of food would be quite reasonable. However, taking picky eaters, vegans/vegetarians/pescatarians or persons with food allergies into consideration, portion limits per food option is far from ideal.

After we got our food and returned to our tables, we were approached by staff members to take our drink orders. From this point forward staff was very attentive bringing our drinks pretty quickly, checking if we needed anything else and clearing away our plates swiftly after we were finished eating.

We ended up going for seconds and the food portions this time were noticeably smaller e.g one piece of oxtail. In my experience having your food served to you and limiting the food portions made it quite difficult to really appreciate and enjoy the essence of ‘buffet life’. Instead it felt quite awkward to return for seconds and even if I wanted to, I probably would not have returned for thirds or more. It felt less like a buffet and more like a standard Sunday lunch.

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Xavi and I twinning


The entertainment for the afternoon was Omari Banks, an Anguillian singer and songwriter. Before the live performance began, the background music was from Omari’s albums so it was a seamless transition from pre-recorded to live performance and served to ensure that the relaxed and chilled Sunday vibe and mood was maintained. The live music started a little after 3. I have personally always been a fan of Omari’s music and his live performances so I found the entertainment quite enjoyable. We only stayed for a few songs while we waited for our bill. The little one (Xavi) was quite tired and so was the rest of us, after such a fulfilling meal. I was happy to be able to hear his rendition of his song ‘Move on,’ before we left. To date, that is still one of my favourite songs.

Omari Banks, Anguilla Music
Omari Banks

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for affordable good food and a great place to hang out and relax with drinks and live music on a Sunday afternoon, then Flavours Restaurant is the place for you. I truly enjoyed the Caribbean Buffet, on a whole. However, I would suggest to management to consider changing the name to Caribbean Lunch, as I personally don’t feel like the expectations of ‘Buffet’ is quite being met. Alternatively, management could ditch the food limits and allow persons to TRULY eat as much as they like, to really embody the spirit, ease and comfort of ‘buffet life.’

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried Flavours Restaurant Caribbean Buffet or will be checking it out in the future. Additionally, you can share with me your best and worst ‘buffet life’ experiences 🙂




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