Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Trends: What I’m Loving and What I’m Avoiding!

Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Trends: What I’m Loving and What I’m Avoiding!

Hello 2019! I know I’m five months late but better late than never right! Starting off this blogging thing again for the year with one of my favourite things – Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Trends! Since I reside in the Caribbean and can’t enjoy fall/winter fashion, I live for when the weather starts to warm up (everywhere else lol) and the stores are once again filled with cute summery clothing that I can rock year round.

As I get older (almost 30!), I’m trying to focus less on trends and more on classic, timeless pieces that I can keep forever in my wardrobe. That said, I still love seeing what’s hot and what’s not for the new season. This year of spring/summer 2019 fashion trends has definitely been a mixed bag. There are some pieces I am really excited about and others I just plain don’t understand. Yes, I’m talking about you Bike Shorts! Continue reading to find out which spring/summer 2019 fashion trends I’m loving this season and which trends I will be avoiding!


The styles I will be wearing all Summer’19!


Suiting trend, Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Trends, The Business of Chic
Shorts Suits are perfect for Summer!

This is probably one of the most brilliant trends out right now. Suiting became popular last year and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Traditionally reserved for the office, suits have become a style that you can rock anywhere and any how!

Style Tip – Try picking one in a bright colour and pairing it with a pair of sneakers for a cool, casual look or go for bold by wearing your suit with just a bra (or without any at all!) and a pair of killer heels for a slay worthy evening look!

If wearing a suit outside of the office just isn’t your style, the good news is with so many options, colours and styles on the market currently, your work wardrobe will definitely get a fashion infused boost! My personal favourite suit combo is the shorts suit! I’m obsessed!

Hair Clips/Headbands/Head scarfs

Hair Clips trend, Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Trends, The Business of Chic

It seems we just can’t get enough of the 80’s/90’s these days, and I am ‘hair’ for it! Hair accessories are extremely trendy this year particularly hair clips, which we call ‘skettels’ in Anguilla. While these are definitely the accessories of my childhood, the trend itself doesn’t necessarily feel childish. Rather it’s just a fun and super cute way to add an element of youthfulness to your style!


Yellow trend, Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Trends, The Business of Chic

A few years back, yellow was a colour I would have never worn. As Caribbean elders would say, ‘ Mi spirit just didn’t tek it’. However, my feelings about this particular hue have changed drastically over the years and it is now a staple in my wardrobe. There is just something about yellow on melanin skin that is just magical! Come through black girl magic!

Beige/ Chocolate Brown/ Neutrals

Beige trend, Spring/Summer 2019 Fashion Trends, The Business of Chic

While I am a huge fan of colour, I also love a neutral aesthetic because it always feels and looks really fresh, classy and timeless. Try a monochromatic look wearing your favourite shade of brown/beige or mix it up with another great neutral – white!

These are all trends I will definitely be wearing this Summer so be sure to follow me on Instagram @thebusinessofchic to see what I buy and how I style these pieces.


These trends just didn’t make the cut!

Cargo/Utility Clothing

Cargo/Utility clothing is a trend that comes and goes very often and every time it comes back in I wish it would go out again haha. While this latest round is probably some of the most ‘stylish’ I’ve ever seen I just find it hard to get on board with this fashion trend. It is simply just not my style and that’s okay.

Boiler Suits

If it requires me to disrobe almost completely to use the bathroom, it’s a no for me. Also, let’s be honest most boiler suits are ill fitting and unattractive. Enough said.

Micro Bags

I never leave the house without a bag. There are some essentials such as my phone, wallet, chap-stick, lipstick/lip-gloss, tissue pack etc that I need to carry with me at all times. I also just like the added element of style, a chic bag can add to my outfit which is why I kind of understand why this trend is so popular. These micro bags are very very cute and also very very impractical. Functionality definitely trumps fashion for me these days. Find you a trend that can do both!

‘STYLE TIP – Just because something is trendy doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Be like Marie Kondo and only invest in pieces that ‘spark joy’.


The trends I don’t love or hate but I’m willing to try….at least once!

Bike Shorts

First up, the bizarrely popular bike shorts. These are essentially just exercise shorts that you wore for ‘Games’ in school or gym. I’ll be honest, I don’t get it as a trend. Perhaps, it’s because I’ve always been a firm believer that ‘tights’ or leggings are not really pants and are definitely not meant to be worn as such.

While initially this trend was on my miss list, there are two ways of styling these shorts that I am very tempted to try. The first is with an over-sized blazer, belted at the waist and the second is with an over-sized t- shirt. You definitely won’t be seeing me wearing this style with a crop top anytime soon but this style just might make a convert out of me yet so stay tuned!

Bermuda shorts/Capri’s/ Long shorts

If you know me, you know I love love love shorts, especially denim shorts. However, the awkward length of this trend has me on the fence. Back in the day, capris were definitely my thing but I feel like that was early 90’s/ early 2000’s me. 2019 me feels a lot differently. I do think these shorts could be a great option for work wear paired with a blazer or puff sleeve top. All I can say is, we’ll see.


There are times when I like my fashion style to be understated and chic and other times when I like it to be bold and in your face. Neon is, without a doubt, the latter. Though I do like this trend, my concern lies with how often I will actually be able to wear these pieces which is the problem with any statement piece. Personally, I’m working on being more minimalist and sustainable with my fashion which means being a lot more thoughtful about which trends I actually invest in and which I just admire on Instagram.

‘STYLE TIP – An affordable and more practical way to easily include a trend in your wardrobe which you may not be sure about is through accessories like earrings or bags.’

DISCLAIMER: If you see me slaying all of these trends this summer, don’t @ me! 😀

Also check out my Spring/Summer 2017 and Spring/Summer 2018 style trends roundups. Many of those trends are still going strong in 2019!

What Spring/Summer 2019 fashion trends are you loving this summer and which trends are you avoiding? Let me know in the comments below!


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