Retire, Recycle or Remain? Summer 2018 Fashion Trends Round Up

2018 Fashion trends

As the end of Summer officially nears it’s time to pay ode to some of the best trends from this Spring/Summer Fashion Season. Most of these styles will be retired by the end of the summer. Some will be recycled in a number of the following fashion seasons and a golden few will become fashion staples.

New York Fashion Week (2019 Spring/Summer Edit) is currently underway and I am super excited. As a fashion blogger and enthusiast, I love all things style and fashion. I genuinely enjoy scrolling through Instagram and seeing all the latest trends for the upcoming Fashion Seasons and the quirky street style of other fashion lovers! One day, I would love to actually attend NYFW. A girl can dream! In this blog I’m sharing my favourite 2018 Fashion trends and which styles I think will REMAIN, RECYCLE or RETIRE for the upcoming Autumn/Winter Fashion Season. Check out last year’s Summer Fashion Round Up here.

1.) The Basket/Straw Bag

2018 Fashion trends

From Cult GAIA Ark dupes to bags that literally resemble picnic baskets, the basket bag trend was probably one the most popular of the season. EVERYONE was wearing them in all different shapes and sizes and they definitely served to elevate an outfit for the ultimate “Summer Vibes”.

STYLE VERDICT: REMAIN (Basket/straw bags will forever remain a favourite for holidays and vacations. They also make the perfect beach bags! This trend is definitely a closet staple.)

2.) Polka Dot

2018 Fashion trends

From the classic black and white combo, to a variety of sizes and colours, polka dots were undoubtedly the leading print of the season!

STYLE VERDICT: REMAIN (Honestly, polka dots are a classic print and never actually go out of style. They are particularly a great option for workwear!)

3.) Balloon/Puff Sleeves

2018 Fashion trends

The bigger the sleeve, the better! This was definitely my mantra for the Summer season. I was completely obsessed (and still am!) with this 80’s trend and the drama and flare they added to an outfit!

STYLE VERDICT: RETIRE (While I would personally love to see this style stay forever, it is quite unlikely. Statement sleeves have had their moment. Just like the flute sleeve has died a slow death, the balloon/puff sleeve will surely as well over the next few seasons.)

4.) Leopard Print

2018 Fashion trends

Unlike polka dots, this trend was a bit slower to gain traction at the beginning of the season. However it has quickly become the “go to” print for all your favourite celebrities and bloggers within the last few weeks! Personally, I have always LOVED leopard print, so I am definitely here for it!

STYLE VERDICT: RECYCLE (Every couple of years we see this trend emerge in full force. Leopard print, although considered a neutral print by many, is far more often found in accessories and shoes than in clothing. It is one of those prints that is quite bold when worn in full and can sometimes come off as a bit gaudy. Be prepared to see this trend fizzle out in popularity over the next few seasons. However, it is sure to make a bold appearance once again in the future so make sure to hold on to all your favourite pieces!)

5.) Power/Tailored Shorts

2018 Fashion trends

By far, my favourite trend of the season and the one I was most excited about! I live in shorts and I love wearing this style for nights out and dressier occasions. As I get older, I’m gravitating towards more structured, refined and timeless pieces and tailored shorts fit the bill completely!

STYLE VERDICT: REMAIN (I may be biased but I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a pair of tailored shorts in your closet!)

THE VERDICT IS IN. Most of these styles are anticipated to remain trendy for at least a few more fashion seasons. So  go ahead and upgrade your summer wardrobe with the styles that suit you best :).




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