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Naturally Chrissy

In 2021 and beyond, we are all about supporting local businesses, artists and creatives! Although I have been natural for over 5 years now, I still haven’t found my holy grail leave-in conditioner. When I learnt that a local business, Naturally Chrissy, had launched their own natural hair care line titled ‘The Rosemary Collection,’ I knew I had to try the products out!

Chrisel Telemaque is the dynamic, young founder of Naturally Chrissy, a cosmetic business specialising in handmade, organic hair and skin care products. Chrisel possesses a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology. Her background in Science helped her to understand the dangers of the common ingredients found in everyday cosmetic products. The discovery of these harmful ingredients, coupled with the fact that commercial hair care products often left her hair feeling dry, thin, and weak, served as her motivation to start Naturally Chrissy.

Growing up in a family who often utilised herbs as powerful healing tools, Chrisel decided to carry on the tradition and create products made from natural, plant based ingredients, many of which are grown locally in Anguilla. All Naturally Chrissy products are free from sulfates, parabens, silicone, phthalates, formaldehyde, petrolatum, mineral oil, drying alcohols, artificial dyes, synthetic fragrances and other harmful ingredients. At Naturally Chrissy every ingredient is selected with care. Naturally Chrissy’s products nourish from the inside out. Chrisel’s goal is to provide products that are both effective and safe and with Naturally Chrissy, she does just that!

Aside from the Rosemary Collection, Naturally Chrissy sells hair oils and butters, facial oils, clay masks, face and body soaps, body butters and body scrubs. Prices range from $5us to $17us. All products are handmade in small batches.


The Rosemary Collection is a full hair care line which consists of a shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser and an oil. Each product in this collection is infused with locally grown rosemary, along with other plant based ingredients like aloe vera and rice water. The Rosemary Collection also contains nourishing and strengthening components like hydrolyzed rice protein and panthenol (pro vitamin B5). The entire collection is handmade in Anguilla.

My Wash Day

Typically, I try to wash my hair every 2-4 weeks. On this particular occasion, two weeks had turned into 4 weeks, 4 weeks into 6 weeks, 6 weeks into 8 weeks and rather than keep counting, let’s just say this wash day was long overdue.

I started with the Rosemary and African Black Soap Shampoo. While the shampoo is sulphate free, it still lathered quite nicely. The texture/consistency of the shampoo was thin and liquidy. There is a fairly strong smell that resembles peppermint, one of the ingredients, but it is not necessarily unpleasant or overwhelming. The shampoo definitely did its job, leaving my hair feeling strong, clean and moisturised.

Up next was the Rosemary and Rice Water Conditioner. This conditioner can also be used as a deep conditioner which is ideal for me, as I deep condition every wash day. The conditioner has a nice, thick, creamy texture and the smell is a lot subtler than the shampoo. There was great slip and a little definitely goes a long way! This is amazing as it means greater value for your money. I was able to easily detangle my hair with the conditioner and my hair felt very soft and moisturised which I loved! I deep conditioned for 30 mins with a shower cap on while watching New Amsterdam. Who’s watching? I’m obsessed with Max and Helen’s ‘will they, won’t they’ relationship storyline!

When my 30 minutes was up, I rinsed my hair with some cool water and I was very pleased with the overall feel and look of my hair. My kinks and curls were popping and my hair was very moisturised, which is the most important thing for me.

I applied the Rosemary and Castor Oil Leave-In Conditioner directly to my soaking wet hair for maximum moisture and I gave myself a quick yet very satisfying scalp massage with the Rosemary Hair and Scalp Oil.

The leave-in conditioner was very similar in texture, consistency and smell to the conditioner and did a fantastic job of moisturising my hair. It is definitely a strong contender to become my holy grail leave-in.

One of my favourite things about this line is the packaging. The labelling is so cute and the bottles, like the glass dropper bottle for the hair and scalp oil, are reusable. We love an eco-friendly brand!

I highly recommend Naturally Chrissy for organic, locally made hair and skincare products! The products are well made and affordable, perfect for personal use or gifts for your friends and loved ones. Packages and bundle deals are also available.

Be sure to follow Naturally Chrissy on her socials and visit her website to see all her organic hair and skincare products and don’t forget to purchase too!

You can find Naturally Chrissy on Instagram and Facebook @NaturallyChrissy.

Naturally Chrissy


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