How I Get And Stay Motivated To Exercise

How I Get And Stay Motivated To Exercise

Full Disclaimer: I am incredibly lazy.

Ideally, I would love to lay in bed all day watching all my favourite shows (Jane the Virgin anyone?) snacking on some double chocolate cereal bars (latest snack obsession!). Alas, I am a full time grad student and an aspiring blogger/entrepreneur which requires me to get up and get dressed on a regular basis and “participate” in real life.

As a student, I can admit that my eating habits are not that great. I don’t eat as regularly as I should and even when I do I usually end up buying junk food. I blame the KFC across the street. Those hot wings though! Let’s face it cooking is just not as much fun as Pinterest and Tip Hero would like me to believe.

However, from this year onward I’m challenging myself to take better care of my body, exercise and eat cleaner. It’s undoubtedly going to be hard (see disclaimer above) but I am definitely up for the challenge! I’ve been working out consistently for over a week now and things are going really well so far. Vegetables have become a staple of my diet and I am actually enjoying exercising which is a huge surprise to not only me but all my friends as well whose collective response to my first gym Instagram post was “Are you lost?” Lol.

Let the record show that this is not my first time jumping on the “get fit” band wagon. So what’s different about this time? Well, here are the three things that keep me going and my three tips for getting and staying motivated to exercise.

  1. ) Find awesome exercise buddies – When the new year rolls around, there’s always a huge line of friends waiting and eager to exercise with you. #newyearnewme #teamgetfit However as the months go by, that line gets shorter and shorter. The key is to find friends who actually like to exercise year round for the health and fitness benefits and not just the awesome “summer body” photos (those are a plus too :). I have one friend in particular, who messages me on a regular basis letting me know when they’re working out and asking if I’m coming out as well.  I have another friend who, like me, hates exercising but is always willing to try out a new fitness class or take a jog in the rain just for the experience and fun of it. The great thing about these friends is that their drive and positive attitudes keep you motivated even on the days when all you really want to do is snuggle deeper in to your duvet.
Challenge yourself!
  1. Keep it interesting/Get creative  – Generally when I thought about exercising I considered either walking, jogging or aerobics/gym none of which particularly appealed to me. Sports are obviously a great way to get fit as well but I’ve never been very big on athletics. I’ve discovered, however, that there are lots of fun and out of the box ways to exercise such as Hula Hooping. I really enjoyed Hula Hooping as a child and when I wanted to get fit for my Punta Cana holiday two summers ago this was what I did. It is incredibly good cardio and super fun. I’ve decided to be creative with my exercise routine once again and try out bouldering (rock climbing) at my Uni’s sports centre and aerial yoga. Wish me luck! There are so many cool, fresh and fun ways to exercise, the key to staying motivated is finding what works best for you!
Have fun with it!
Have fun with it!
  1. Have a goal in mind – Think to yourself, “What is that I’m really trying to achieve?” Be clear about what your health and fitness goals are and work hard towards them. I find that visual representation of your desired end goal helps a lot in this area. Follow fitness and motivation pages on Instagram that match your goals or if you’re in to vision boards, include your fitness goals as a daily reminder.

I hope you guys enjoyed these tips and be sure to share with me in the comments below your own tips for getting and staying motivated to exercise. Also be sure to subscribe to my blog for more posts about my fitness journey.

Until next time 🙂

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