My Denim Shorts Obsession

My Denim Shorts Obsession

Tuesday, 2nd May 2017, 2:45 pm. The exact date and time I fully realised and acknowledged my denim shorts obsession. Around this period I was doing some online shopping on one of my favourite websites, Missguided. I was torn about a pair of denim shorts (see here) so I asked my boyfriend his opinion. Without hesitation, he responded ‘No, I don’t like the stars’.

In that moment I realised he was right. I didn’t like the stars either and I knew this even before the 20 minute deliberation I embarked on thereafter trying to decide if I should get them. Although I knew I didn’t like the pattern, I still tried to convince myself to buy the shorts based on things I did like, like the dark blue shade and the rolled hem. I finally had to face the facts, I was obsessed with denim shorts.

Denim Shorts Obsession
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My 20 odd pairs of denim shorts sitting in my closet should have been an obvious clue to my denim shorts obsession. However, to me, all my shorts are completely different. My mother would disagree. Yes I have several pairs of blue, black, white, grey etc denim shorts but they vary by style and finish. I have light wash blue, mid wash blue, dark wash blue, acid wash blue, dark wash blue with rips, rolled hem dark wash blue, frayed edge dark wash blue, high waist dark wash blue, black, acid wash black, black with rips….you get the point.

My favourite places to buy denim shorts are Forever21, Missguided, HM and Pimkie. Another borderline fashion obsession of mines is leopard print. I LOVE it! I think I will combine my two loves and start the hunt for a pair of leopard print denim shorts. How amazing would that be?! Clearly it may be time for an intervention lol.

denim shorts obsession
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Based on my own experiences, here are 5 Signs that you may also have a particular clothing obsession.

1.) You’re not sure you like it but you want to buy it anyway

My favourite section of any website is the shorts section. As such I always visit that page at the end, hence saving the best for last. I will admit I do feel a tinge of disappointment if I’m unable to find any denim shorts I really like. Usually I am able to resist the temptation to buy items I only kind of like, however if it’s on sale…GAME OVER!

Denim Shorts Obsession
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2.) You wear that style/colour super often

If your friends and family can predict what you will be wearing for an outing even before you arrive, then there’s a good chance you may be a tad bit obsessed. Also, take stock of your Instagram and Facebook. If you’re wearing that particular style/colour in the majority of your photos within the last year, then it may be time for a clothing intervention.

3.) It’s your “Go-to” clothing choice

If I’m ever in doubt about what to wear I throw on…you guessed it…a pair of denim shorts! Conversations in my head are like, “Formal wear…that just means black denim shorts with heels right?”

Denim Shorts Obsession
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4.) You become a hoarder

Obsession just means that you really love something a lot right? So why would you throw out something that you love? Hehe :). I have a few pairs of denim shorts that are between 5-10 years old and some no longer quite fit.  My logic? I’m sure I’ll fit in to those super cute size 2 shorts again *munches on potato chips*

5.) Your obsession becomes a part of your identity

If persons who know me really well had to list off defining traits about me, I’m sure ‘she loves shorts’ would be one of them. If you’re often described as the girl who always wears black or the girl who lives in heels (I’m also borderline that girl – low heels though lol) then it’s best you just accept that this is who you are now :).

What clothing obsessions are you guilty of? Share in the comments below!

Until next time 🙂

Stay Chic, S
denim shorts obsession
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