CHICmas Day 3 – Three Ways to Wear Red This Christmas

Ways to Wear Red

RED is undoubtedly the colour of the season! Not only is red the go to colour for Christmas, it has also been super trendy on the fashion market for 2017. Red is often associated with boldness and this colour definitely makes a statement no matter how you wear it! For CHICmas Day 3, I’m sharing 3 Ways to Wear Red This Christmas. Happy CHICmas!

1.) Keep it Casual

Wearing a bright and daring colour such as red can be daunting, especially for persons who prefer a more neutral colour palette for their wardrobe. A great way to incorporate red into your wardrobe this season is to keep it casual. Try wearing a red Statement Tee, another fashion favourite for 2017, paired with black to keep the look simple but chic. If that is still too much red for your taste, there are more great ways to wear red casually such as through your accessories or footwear. See how I turned a red bandana into a cute choker here.

Ways to Wear Red, Red Outfits for Christmas

2.) Take the Plunge

When it comes to wearing red, I like to go all in, usually wearing full or partial red outfits. A simple and easy way to do this is to wear a red romper, jumpsuit, dress or suit. A perfect New Year’s Eve outfit idea would be a full red suit, paired with a hint of black lingerie, a red lip and red pumps! For Christmas Day, try a cute red romper or a dress paired with your favourite Christmas hat/headpiece for the ultimate Christmas Chic meets Christmas Spirit look!

Ways to Wear Red, Red Outfits for Christmas, The Business of Chic

Ways to Wear Red, Red Outfits for Christmas, The Business of Chic

3.) The Classic Red Lip

Everyone should own at least one perfect red lipstick whether it’s your signature look or your lipstick staple for a glam night out! My top 2 red lipsticks are Ruby Woo and Diva by MAC. Ruby Woo is a much brighter, vibrant red and reserved for special occasions whereas Diva is a deeper, toned down red for my everyday slay. Red lip liner and a coat of my favourite lip cream, Dubai by NYX, to keep my lips moist and my lipstick popping and I am out the door!

My Favourite Red Lipsticks
L-R Ruby Woo, Diva, Spirit, Lady Danger, Impassioned




Ways to Wear Red, Red Outfits for Christmas, The Business of Chic



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